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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Gaunter O'Dimm : In brief, I give folk what they ask for. You might say I simply grant their wishes.

Gaunter O'Dimm : No, not I! That would be their poorly-formulated wishes.

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I'm no cheat. I give folk what they want, nothing more. That they oft desire unworthy things Asian Animation. Season 2 episode 20 of Happy Heroes is about Doctor H. He ends up going through all three of his wishes trying to fix some problems inherent in the results, as side-effects of the wishes being made with no effort: First, Doctor H. The doctor consults the genie again and clarifies that he also wants the heroes to be good. For the second wish, Doctor H. Just before that happens, he makes it back to the genie and mentions that he also wants to be years old so that no diseases will be able to hurt his younger self.

For the third and final wish, Doctor H. The only problem here is that Doctor H. Comic Strips. Two arcs of FoxTrot relating to one of Jason's money making schemes are a direct result of this trope: The first one related to Jason making his own website, and the second dealt with a greeting card, both times were the result of Roger, his father, ranting about how he would make a lot of money creating a site and at the cost of buying Christmas cards, respectively.

The second time, Jason wasn't even in the same room as Roger, implying that Roger was talking about to Andy loud enough for Jason to hear it from another room. Garfield has a few examples: In a strip, Jon scolds Garfield about how he is "doing nothing with your life" then goes to the store, saying, "when I come back, I want you to have learned something".

By the time he comes back, Garfield has learned to use his credit card , and has bought enough stuff to construct a "man cave" with it. A subversion: Garfield : Reruns! Yesterday's news There's never anything new around here! Jon : Run for your life!

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The plumbing backed up, and thousands of piranha are spawning in the toilet!! Garfield : Again?! Garfield : Nice curse , Garfield. Fairy Tales and Folklore. In "The Twelve Wild Ducks" , a queen says, "If I only had a daughter as white as snow and as red as blood, I shouldn't care what became of all my sons. In " The Seven Ravens ," the father wishes his sons were ravens for their being so forgetful.

To add to the irony, he was mistaken about why they hadn't done as he said. In "The Myrtle" , a woman wishes for a child, even a sprig of myrtle. In "Hans the Hedgehog" , the father wishes for a son, even a hedgehog. Similar stories went around in seventeenth-century England.

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In some cases a Catholic or Anglican parent would rather their unborn child have no head than be a Roundhead; in others, a Puritan would wish for their child have no head rather than have a priest make the Sign of the Cross on it. Either way, they ended up with a headless baby. In " The Ludicrous Wishes ", a poor couple that rescues an elf and is granted three wishes in return. The wife, being hungry, wishes she had a nice, tasty sausage. Her husband scolds her for wasting a wish on such a mundane thing and blurts out in anger: "I wish that stupid sausage was stuck on your nose!

In the end, they have to use the third wish to get the sausage off the poor woman's face and have thus wasted all three of them. There's a story from somewhere in Africa about a tribe that doesn't exist any more, because when seeking a reward from some supernatural being, the men said that the best thing that could happen to them was for their wife to give them a son, and for their cattle to give them female calves. Wish for any child at all, because things can't be worse, and you get a witch child born with iron teeth who eats you up.

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Played with in one fairy tale about a girl who lies dying during the early spring from a malady winter has afflicted her with who wishes that she could at least get to live for as long as the beautiful spring flowers in her garden still bloom so she can meet with her boyfiend who is set to return to her before summer. She near instantly becomes healthy and, unusually for the way these kind of tales tend to work out , seems fully aware of the fact that her life is now tied to her garden flowers and starts taking good care of them to ensure her own survival.

She never regrets her wish or angsts about how her days are numbered but is simply thankful for the additional time she has been given and is even more loving and kind to her family than usual Cue her unknowing boyfriend returning while she's napping in the garden: he plucks the flowers, braids them into a crown and wakes her up by placing it upon her head.

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The girl quickly realizes what the boy has done and hurriedly sets the flowers in water but over the following days. As the flowers wither away, so does the girl. The story ends with the last petals of the flowers falling as the girl peacefully passes away with her family and devastated boyfriend at her side while the hushed laughs of The Fair Folk are heard from the garden. In The Boy Who Found Fear at Last , the Fearless Fool protagonist goes through a series of terrifying adventures in his quest to "find fear", all without batting an eye.

But when he's made a king at the end of the story, he finally finds fear at the prospect of the The Chains of Commanding and the burden of trying to be a good ruler. In "Zeus and the Bee", one of Aesop's Fables , Zeus offers to grant the bee a wish after she presents him with honey. The bee tells him that she is constantly having her honey stolen from her and asks for a weapon to defend her honey.

Zeus is displeased by the selfish nature of the wish, but being obliged to grant it, he gives her a barbed spear One account of the story of the Flying Dutchman first published in Blackwood's Magazine in goes that the captain was caught in a storm off the coast of South Africa, and swore he would make it around the Cape of Good Hope if it took him until Judgement Day.

Sure enough, to this day he's still trying to navigate his Ghost Ship through the stormy seas. In the children's tale The Stonecutter , a discontent stonecutter makes contact with the spirit of the mountain from whom he cuts stone. The spirit offers him wishes which the stonecutter uses to change his lot in life. But with each new life he finds himself seeing someone more powerful and coveting that power.

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It culminates in him wishing he was the mountain, thinking that nothing can topple a mountain. After granting this wish, the spirit leaves since this last wish essentially caused the ex-stonecutter to replace him as the mountain's spirit. The new mountain spirit is satisfied with his wish at first, until he feels another stonecutter chipping away at the mountain Somewhere in the Soviet Union A Russian catches a goldfish, who speaks: "Dear man, free me and I'll grant your one greatest wish.

What could I wish for? I know! As it recedes, the man finds himself sitting in a foxhole, wearing a worn-out battledress, with a rifle with a few bullets and several grenades and the bodies of other Russian soldiers lying all around. The man looks out and notices a large group of Nazi tanks advancing towards his foxhole. Suddenly, he realizes: " Holy fuck! It's a posthumous one!!! Only when it was too late did we realize everything about Capitalism was true. Next morning he wakes up in an opulent palace, surrounded by splendor, luxury and obedient servants.

A gorgeous woman comes into the bedroom and tells him: "Ferdinand, sweetheart, get up. It's time we go to Sarajevo. A British joke sees a man walk into a bar with an ostrich. As he's paying for his drinks, the bartender asks about the situation, and the man replies that he was granted two wishes by a genie. For the first, he requested a wallet that would always have the right amount of money to buy anything he wanted, which went off well.

Unfortunately, he used slang for the second, wishing for "a tall bird that is, the British term for an attractive woman with long legs," and the genie gave him just that.

Mythology and Religion. From The Bible : Even God could be harsh in granting wishes when the wishers were being too whiny. In response to the Israelites complaining about all manna and no meat, he gave them meat for a month "until it come out at your nostrils, and it be loathsome unto you" KJV. Ten of the twelve Israelites sent to spy out the Promised Land insisted that its people were too strong to conquer, even though they had God on their side.

The people declared that it would be better to die in the desert than try to conquer the Land. God, furious, declared that they wouldn't enter the Land until every man who complained had, in fact, died in the desert. Cue 39 more years of wandering. During the time of the Judges, Israel had no king except for God himself.

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