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I could also be some sort of scientist. Publications Archive Contact Connect Resources. What was your experience like in elementary school?

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Why did you choose Mines? What classes are you taking this semester? What will your daily schedule be like?

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What will you major in at Mines? What are your hobbies?

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  7. Department of Energy for research that could lower the cost of solar electricity. Greg Jackson, professor of mechanical Like many researchers who specialize in lasers, Jeff Squier was excited to hear this week that three scientists had won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering work with the intense beams of light.

    For the Alumni , Faculty , Physics , Research. Complex qubit network could speed up quantum computing. Quantum computers will soon be able to perform tasks that not even the most powerful classical computers are capable of today. An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Colorado School of Mines has received funding from the Applied mathematics and statistics , Faculty , Physics , Research. Well done managing so much in life and such a spread in ages of kids! That takes character and I am truly impressed!

    I hope you stick around and stay in touch!


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    So great! Thank you! We have a custody arrangement but in trying to empower kids is this a place they should have power? Such an incredible article right when I needed it! If it sounds like a lot it is! Right as the boys were going to middle school, I moved and worked long hours. Last year, I was able to stop my nine to five through 5 years of post divorce planning and start my own business. I had a small stroke and it took months to recover.

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    They are great kids, caused no trouble at all, had three older sisters who stepped in as mom while I recovered. This article has helped me recenter myself and given me a boost as to what I can do to reconnect with my sons. Burnout was my plight. As I was desperately trying to take care of a family and myself, time passed and the points you gave were thoughts and not actions. Wow bless your heart.

    How good your kids did through it all is just testament to how well you raised them despite the divorce and all the circumstances. Well done momma! Please keep in touch! MUCH love…. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and the things you have learned about these complicated but lovable boys! My son just finished his first year of middle school and I found your advice sound and comforting, and true!!! I just happened upon this. It is well written, easy to read and written from the heart.

    You have four boys…I only have two but might as well be twenty. I want to print this off and staple it to my heart and my forehead. Thank you for writing this and showing the compassion that parents like me need to hear in the midst of this cacophony of teenage boyhood. Thank you for the titles of books also at the end of your post. You have blessed me today. Carrie—You have blessed ME with your sweet comment! I wish you all the best as you keep parenting with love, grace, and a sense of humor.

    Hang in there!! There is something I have to tell you………… I…….. Thanks for sharing. Was this from a good friend and male or female? It sounds to me like someone is expressing feelings but with the reality that they are too young to date. Is there a specific concern? Most of all I think it is great that your son shared with you! That says a lot.

    I was a Year-Old, 4th Grade Dropout by Gladys – Hamomi Children's Centre

    As I started my day in tears trying to figure out this whole teen life, I search the Internet for some help and I find this article. But when I looked around at the freedoms of other kids I felt like I was treating him like a baby. Thank you for the tips to connect with him and during his upcoming summer break I will do my part to connect on a deeper level to build they trust that high school can often shatter.

    God bless you! Thank you Kisha!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Please keep me posted. I just subscribed to your post and I quickly went to your posts about What a Middle School Boy needs as my oldest just turned 13 and things are changing and I am nervous and want as much help as possible. To date, I have prepared myself for a teen by reading lots of great books, asking lots of questions of parents who have gone before that I repsect, and finding your blog is now another resource which I am so grateful for.

    Though our son attends public school, and we are not religous, our family has high values and teach our children to respect people of all races and beliefs. Thank you so much for this. There are so many families who are agnostic or even aethiest or are working hard to raise kind, gracious and responsible men. Thank you so much Angela! Much aloha to you—keep in touch. Is your Middle School boy Homeschooled?

    Thank you for your story! Have a great day!!! We know he is embarrassed by us around his friends! Hiwcan we make him feel more comfortable with this situation? For many boys in upper elementary and middle school, the problem has begun from infancy with the belief boys should be strong.