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Please assume that if you haven't heard from the RCC within 3 months of your application that you were unsuccessful on this occasion. Tragen Sie bitte die hier angezeigte Zahl ein. Positions- und Bewegungskontrolle. Wir bieten sowohl Standard- als auch kundenspezifische Schulungskurse. The RCC is especially interested in projects relating to: Children and young people. People with disabilities. Lifelong learning. Community and social development.

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Navigation menu Minimal wear. Data security concepts are being tested and integrated for the needs of the sensitive medical data. The highspeed network is the necessary prerequisite for the clinical evaluation of data in a joint teleconference. The transmission of digitized real-time sequences such as video and ultrasound and the interactive manipulation of data are made possible by Multi Media tools. The influence of geopolitical change on the well-being of a population: the Berlin Wall. The history of the Berlin Wall provides a unique opportunity to examine the effects of partition on social cohesion and, by inference, on health.

METHODS: This ethnographic study consisted of examination of the territory formerly occupied by the Wall, formal and informal interviews with Berlin residents, and collection of cultural documents related to the Wall.

Transcripts, field notes, and documents were examined by means of a keyword-in-context analysis. After partition, East and West Germany had divergent social, cultural, and political experiences and gradually grew apart. The evolution of a new common culture might be accelerated by active attempts at cultural and social exchange. Social cohesion is recognized as a fundamental condition for healthy populations, but social cohesion itself arises from political unity. This ethnographic study consisted of examination of the territory formerly occupied by the Wall, formal and informal interviews with Berlin residents, and collection of cultural documents related to the Wall.

The separation of Berlin into 2 parts was a traumatic experience for the city's residents. The demolition of the Wall--the symbol and the instrument of partition--makes possible but does not ensure the reintegration of 2 populations that were separated for 40 years. Small cities are uniquely challenged to mitigate environmental issues in their communities because they usually lack the financial resources and technical expertise to address them.

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The Town of Berlin , population 4,, recently purchased approximately 60 acres of private property located at Old Ocean City Boulevard. The property was previously owned by Tyson Chicken, Inc. Historically the plant emitted significant odors which limited the Town's ability to diversify its economic base. The plant closure provided an opportunity to convert the property to another use, but the downturn in the economy delayed that change. The Town intends to establish recreation oriented uses on the property with the following goals in mind: Create a common ground for the people of Berlin that will unite various neighborhoods.

Create synergy between ecological sustainability and community resilience Upgrade the ponds on the property to make them the design focal point Through the Thriving Earth Exchange, the Town of Berlin connected with Dr. Ellen Silbergeld to resolve the question of how to remediate the ponds. Silbergeld is trained as an environmental engineer and public health researcher, with substantial experience in environmental issues in the poultry industry.

This case study will show how one small city is working with a volunteer scientist to convert a blighted piece of property into a multi-use public space for the benefit of its residents and guests. Satellitenbewegung, band III: Natiirliche und gesteuerte bewegung. Describes the Federalism and Tribal consultation efforts related to the Uniform National Discharge Standards UNDS and links to copies of each presentation, both to state and local representatives, as well as federally-recognized tribes. Aus Wirtschaft und Betrieb.

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Biomasse: Gewinnung und Verarbeitung mit Profilschal-maschinen. Keine der zusammen mit den Kiefern vorkommenden Laubholzarten wurde bisher in nennenswertem Umfan verwertet. Auch heute Two types of health care systems and their influence on the introduction of perinatal care: an epidemiological twin model in Berlin from to When perinatal medicine emerged as a new medical discipline in the s, Berlin was as one of the world's leading centers.

During that time, the city was separated into two parts, each fostering its own health care system. After the destruction of the Berlin Wall, it was possible to speak with the citizens of East Berlin and to access their database systems. This created the singular opportunity to objectively compare the development of perinatal care in both parts of Berlin. Rates of maternal, perinatal, and infant mortality as well as the rate of preterm deliveries were evaluated over time and between East and West Berlin. The timing of introduction of 20 specific perinatal interventions was evaluated across 18 hospitals with more than deliveries 11 in West Berlin and 7 in East Berlin.

Interviews were conducted with gynecologists, midwives, and women who had recently delivered their first child from each side of the city regarding their opinions of the importance of these interventions for the quality of perinatal medicine and how they would distribute a budget to improve maternity care. Maternal, perinatal, and infant mortality decreased in both parts of Berlin until p Berlin , though the preterm delivery rate was slightly lower in East Berlin compared with West Berlin p Berlin.

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In contrast, certain public health measures--such as maternal transport, screening programs for diabetes, and support of breastfeeding--were introduced much earlier in East Berlin. There were significant differences between the beliefs of gynecologists, midwives, and mothers in East and West Berlin.

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  • In general, citizens of East Berlin were more enthusiastic about technological medical advances, whereas citizens of West Berlin were. Human papillomavirus vaccine uptake, knowledge and attitude among 10th grade students in Berlin , Germany, In the absence of an immunization register, we aimed at assessing HPV-vaccination coverage and knowledge among students in Berlin , the largest city in Germany, to identify factors influencing HPV-vaccine uptake. Results: Between September and December , students completed the questionnaire mean age Of participating girls, Among these, 66 Reasons for being HPV-unvaccinated were reported by 65 girls: Dissuasion from parents The odds of being vaccinated increased with age Odds Ratio OR 2.

    Methods: Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 10th grade school students in 14 participating schools in Berlin to assess socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge, and statements on vaccinations. Vaccination records were reviewed. Multivariable statistical methods were applied to identify independent predictors for HPV-vaccine uptake among female participants.

    Conclusions: HPV-vaccine uptake was low among school girls in Berlin. Both, physicians and parents were influential regarding their HPV-vaccination decision even though personal perceptions played an important role as well. School programs could be beneficial to improve knowledge related to HPV and vaccines, and to offer low-barrier access to HPV vaccination.

    Receiver Operator Characteristic ROC curves were generated to compare the predictive validity of LIS for mortality to Berlin stages of severity mild, moderate and severe.

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    However, the mean LIS was only 0. However, predictive validity of both scores was marginal, and there was no additive value of LIS over Berlin. Although neither LIS nor the Berlin definition were designed to prognosticate. Kontinuierliche Wanddickenbestimmung und Visualisierung des linken Herzventrikels. Part II: results of investigations and legal consequences]. The second part of the study on homicides in East Berlin from to describes the solving of crimes, the usual features of offenders and the legal assessment according to East German law.

    Most of the offenders had a low social background and often belonged to the victim's circle of friends or family. Situational homicides and elimination crimes were the most common crimes. In the legal assessment sentences for murder were predominant. A Tandetron as proton injector for the eye tumor therapy in Berlin. The therapy of eye tumors with fast protons is an excellent tool giving very high local control rates.

    Using the standard duoplasmatron ion source with direct extraction of negative hydrogen ions an extremely stable proton beam can be delivered, both on the short-term and the long-term scale.

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    The hair-needle filaments made from thoriated tungsten wires have safe operation times of more than h. Vertical Windshear Below 5. To evaluate point-of-decision prompts in the promotion of stair use in Germany, motivational posters were placed at three underground stations in Berlin. The proportion of passengers using stairs or stairways was counted before, during installation, and two weeks after removal of posters.

    In total, 5, passersby were counted. Stair use increased significantly in women, but not in men. The present pilot study thereby shows that the use of point-of-decision prompts is also feasible in Germany and it provides some evidence of effectiveness.

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    • Methodologically rigorous studies are warranted to confirm these findings. Understanding chemical binding using the Berlin function and the reaction force. We use the derivative of the electron density with respect to the reaction coordinate, interpreted through the Berlin binding function, to identify portions of the reaction path where chemical bonds are breaking and forming.

      The results agree with the conventional description for SN2 reactions, but they are much more general and can be used to elucidate other types of reactions also. Our analysis offers support for, and detailed information about, the use of the reaction force profile to separate the reaction coordinates into intervals, each with characteristic extents of geometry change and electronic rearrangement. Comparison of the Berlin definition with the American European consensus definition for acute respiratory distress syndrome in burn patients. Acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS is a leading cause of mortality in burn patients.

      Smoke inhalation, pneumonia and inflammation process are the major causes of ARDS in burn patients. We reviewed admitted burn adult patients for a two year period, and investigated patient who received mechanical ventilation for more than 48 h and in whom pneumonia was diagnosed. Categorizing patients with the Berlin definition showed statistically significative difference of mortality within the three groups, but not with the AECC definition.