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The German comedy series, Stenkelfeld , parodied " Meisterwerke " several times.

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Though research suggests that religion and spirituality Though research suggests that religion and spirituality are significant factors in engendering resilient adaptation, comparatively little biblical and theological reflection has gone into understanding this construct. This book begins to remedy this deficiency through a breadth of reflection upon human resilience from canonical biblical and Christian theological sources.

It is our contention that more robust biblical and theological reflection on resilience will helpfully inform current discussions on the topic, reshaping conceptions of the resilience construct in both religious and secular contexts. Biblical scholars and theologians will provide critical accounts of these perspectives, integrating biblical and theological insight with current social scientific understandings of resilience so as to provide grounding for a Christian understanding of resilience that has practical import for pastors, chaplains, and clinicians.

Recent studies on early Christian gatherings have demonstrated convincingly that the Greco-Roman banquet was the context in which Christians gathered for their meetings.

What has not been provided, however, is a comprehensive discussion What has not been provided, however, is a comprehensive discussion of what Christians did during said gatherings, and in what order they did it. This article attempts to discuss all known components of early Christian gatherings and to arrange them in their relative order. This arrangement is highlighted by the intentional deletion of 4 kings in 2nd column of Yeshua's lineage. This symbolism Il primo 'atto' di Pietro. Analisi narrativa di At 1,, in Rivista Biblica 67 , This paper takes the majority view that the Gospel was written This paper takes the majority view that the Gospel was written likely in the years 90 to 95 CE.

The author is thus most likely not the apostle John, which view has been adopted by tradition and is still held by some.


The Feeding of the Five Thousand is a well-known miracle story, and one of five miracles of Jesus feeding multitudes attested in the canonical gospels. It is found in all three synoptic gospels also and is paralleled by a miracle of the feeding of the four thousand in the gospels of Matthew and Mark. The image of the feeding of the five thousand with bread becomes a temporal link to the spiritual bread that Jesus refers to in his discourse. The echoes of eucharistic imagery are difficult to ignore , and may reflect a more developed church structure. It is certainly possible that this shows the beginning of a solidifying of cultic and ritual practices in the late first century.

Just as the five thousand were well fed-on earth, with an abundance of leftover food, so too will the faithful be well-fed in the Kingdom. The people whom he has fed see something of this in Jesus, forcing him to escape to avoid being made king. His time to rule is not yet here, yet the feeding is a symbol of the abundance that is to come. The message of the miracle is a profoundly Christological one on several levels, and the following paragraphs will make the argument that John wants his readers to identify Jesus as a kingly figure and a Mosaic figure.

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He can feed the hungry with an abundance of food. However, the bread that feeds the multitude and sustains their mortal life is an earthly, corporeal symbol of the heavenly food that will sustain their eternal life.

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Greater even than the provision of bread is his provision of the Bread of Life — his own body, through which the faithful gain eternal life. Related Topics. Early Christianity. Follow Following.

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