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He has given them every advantage; but they have not improved in meekness, godliness, benevolence. They have not pursued that course of life, have not revealed that character nor exercised that influence, which would tend most to honor their Creator, ennoble themselves, and make them a blessing to their fellow men.

Selfishness exists in their hearts. They love to have their own way and seek their own ease, honor, and wealth, and their own pleasure in its grosser or more refined forms. If we pursue the course of the world and follow the bent of our own minds, will that work for our best good? Does not God, who formed man, look for something better from us?

They should have the same spirit, exert the same influence, and have the same moral excellence that He possessed. The idolatrous and corrupt in heart must repent and turn to God.

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Those who are proud and self-righteous must abase self and become penitent and meek and lowly in heart. The worldly-minded must have the tendrils of the heart removed from the rubbish of the world, around which they are clinging, and entwined about God; they must become spiritually minded. The dishonest and untruthful must become just and true.

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The ambitious and covetous must be hid in Jesus and seek His glory, not their own. They must despise their own holiness and lay up their treasure above. The prayerless must feel the need of both secret and family prayer, and must make their supplications to God with great earnestness. As the worshipers of the true and living God we should bear fruit corresponding to the light and privileges we enjoy. Many are worshiping idols instead of the Lord of heaven and earth. Anything that men love and trust in instead of loving the Lord and trusting wholly in Him becomes an idol and is thus registered in the books of heaven.

Even blessings are often turned into a curse. The sympathies of the human heart, strengthened by exercise, are sometimes perverted until they become a snare. If one is reproved, there are always some who will sympathize with him. They entirely overlook the harm that has been done to God's cause by the wrong influence of one whose life and character do not in any way resemble those of the Pattern. God sends His servants with a message to the people professing to be followers of Christ; but some are children of God only in name, and they reject the warning.

God has in a wonderful manner endowed man with reasoning powers. He who fitted the tree to bear its burden of goodly fruit has made man capable of bearing the precious fruits of righteousness. He has planted man in His garden and tenderly cared for him, and He expects him to bear fruit. How anxiously we watch a favorite tree or plant, expecting it to reward our care by producing buds, blossoms, and fruit; and how disappointed we are to find upon it nothing but leaves.

With how much more anxiety and tender interest does the heavenly Father watch the spiritual growth of those whom He has made in His own image and for whom He condescended to give His Son that they may be elevated, ennobled, and glorified. The Lord has His appointed agencies to meet men in their errors and backslidings.

His messengers are sent to bear a plain testimony to arouse them from their sleepy condition and to open the precious words of life, the Holy Scriptures, to their understanding. These men are not to be preachers merely, but ministers, light bearers, faithful watchmen, who will see the threatened danger and warn the people. They must resemble Christ in their earnest zeal, in their thoughtful tact, in their personal efforts—in short, in all their ministry.

They are to have a vital connection with God, and are to become so familiar with the prophecies and the practical lessons of the Old and the New Testament that they may bring from the treasure house of God's word things new and old. Some of these ministers make a mistake in the preparation of their discourses. They arrange every minutia with such exactness that they give the Lord no room to lead and impress their minds. To this is added the judgment-seat of God, the girdle of the Lord, a sword and left arm; also Pachad , that is, fear before God; flows in through the order of Powers or Potestates Hebrew Seraphim , so named, and from thence through the Sphere of Mars, which has great wars and tribulation — moves the elements accordingly.

His peculiar Intelligence Camael , 70 Samson's representative. S, K3, and EE all read Gamael. EE: "Pached Potestatum Hebrai Seraphin Sphaeram Martis Intelligentia Gamael". ELOHA , the God of Alchemy; his number is Tiphereth , grace, beauty, adornment, happiness, and pleasure — signifies the word of life and flows in through the order of Virtues, which in Hebrew is Malachim : This angel, through the Sphere of the Sun, gives perspicuity and life, and reveals metals.

His particular Intelligence, Raphael , was the representative of Isaac and of the youthful Tobias, and Peliel 71 was the representative of Jacob. S and K3 read "Pehel". EE: "Virtutum Sphaerem solis Intelligentia Raphael His number is Nezach , that is, triumph and victory; to him is accorded the right pillar, and signifies eternity, the justice of God, and avenger; he flows in through the Order of Principalities or in Hebrew Elohim , that is, God in the Sphere of Venus, love and justice.

He produces all Vegetable growth and his peculiar Intelligence is Haniel , and the angel Cerviel 72 is David's representative. Principatum or through the Hebrew Intelligentia Hamel His Numeration is called Hod , that is, honorable confession, ornament, and renown. To him is accorded the left pillar, and he flows in through the order of Archangels, before the gods in Sphere of Mercury, adornment, safety and unanimity, and brings forth animals; His peculiar Intelligence is Michael , the representative of Solomon.

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EE: "not or war or wrath, but of pity Sphaeram Mercurii Intelligentia Michael. His Numeration is called Jesod , that is, a foundation, and is denominated good sense, redemption and rest. He flows in through the order of Angels, in Hebrew Cherubim in the Sphere of the Moon, to increase and decrease all things, supports and contributes the genius of man: his Intelligence Gabriel , 74 a representative of Joseph, Joshua, and Daniel.

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EE: "His number is called Jesod Angelorum, in Hebrew Cherubin in Sphaerem Lunae Intelligentiae Gabriel. His Numeration is called Malchuth , that is, a kingdom and dominion, and is termed the Church and house of God, and the door flows in through the Order of Animastic viz. EE: "His number is called Malchat Animasticum of the believing soul Therefore, all the names of God and the ten Sephirot, are embraced in the Archetypum Archetype. In the intelligible world 76 are included the nine choirs of the angels, or according to Dionysius , the ten blessed orders:.

Seraphim; 2. Cherubim; 3. Thrones; 4.

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Dominations; 5. Powers; 6. Virtues; 7. Principalities; 8. Archangels; 9. Angels; and Blessed Souls. S, EE: "1. Cherubin; 3. Throni; 4. Dominationes; 5. Potestates; 6. Virtutes; 7. Principatus; 8.


Archangeli; 9. Angeli; et Animae Beatae. In the first hierarchy are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These more than celestial spirits are called gods, or the sons of the gods, because they continually behold the order of divine providence. Being foremost in the goodness of God, they praise Him unceasingly and pray for us. The second in the being of God, according to form, and the third, in the wisdom of God, stand continually before God. In the middle hierarchy are the Dominations, Powers, Virtues, as spirits of intelligence, to rule the whole world.

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The first command what the others perform. The second prevent that which interferes with the laws of God. The third oversee the heavens and occasionally perform great wonders. These six orders of spirits are never sent upon the earth. In the lower hierarchy are the Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, which are ministering spirits to oversee earthly affairs. The first, in general, provide for princes and magistrates, and care for kingdoms and countries, each in his own especial sphere, as Moses declares in his song, Deut.

And Jesus Sirach bears witness, that each nation has its angel as a director. Therefore did the Romans at all times invite the angel of their country.

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The second are engaged in divine affairs, institute and regulate the worship of God among all men, and present the prayers, offerings and piety of men to God; 3. For this reason the fourth hierarchy are added to the former as the souls of heavenly bodies Animae Corporum Colestium , the souls of Heroes, or demigods and of the Martyrs. The second are the chosen souls of the redeemed. The third are the souls of the innocent martyrs and followers of God, who offered up their lives, amid pain and suffering, out of love to God.

Therefore, it is, that all creatures fear and honor him. The first course in Mundo Coelesti watches day and night. Primum Mobile Rechet Hagallalim. It continues from morning until night. From these the Heathens divided the angels into thirty-three orders. The first great light, communicates light, life and station out of the first course, and opposes others in the Sphaera Zodiaci , causes summer and winter, the spring of all the things of the elements: Hebrew Masloth , goes from evening to morning according to the twelve signs of the heavens.

But even if all things have their existence from God, the great First Cause, we should not despise other causes, according to changes in time, in the year, in the month, day and hour, neither should we regard these causes exclusively, and forget God, for in this manner heathen idolatry was instituted. For this reason God does not regard time, because it robs him of his honor.

For the heathens experienced that the heavenly spirits were not united with their bodies, as our souls are united with our bodies, but they could rejoice in the presence of God, and prepare their bodies without much labor to work with the lower creatures of God.

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They regarded the celestial spirits as gods, and conferred divine honors upon them. Very often the Jews turned away from God and worshipped the host of heaven, and therefore the wrath of God was kindled against them. But on account of the order of all things, God has set them before us as his instruments, and which we, on account of their honorable office, are to regard as the noblest creation of God, and that we should honor them, next to God, according to their station, not as gods but as creatures, which he has appointed as twelve princes over the twelve gates of heaven, that they may admit what they received from the divine name, transposed twelve times.