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Yes, in France. If my parents were still alive.

Papillon review - prison break remake plays it too safe for redemption

Only my father. Maybe for having killed someone, or for a really big theft. What did you get? As quick as you can forget everything you suffered in the French prisons and here in El Dorado. Only forgetting will let you love them again and live among them. Marry as soon as ever you can. The women in this country are hot-blooded, and the love of the woman you choose will give you happiness and children, and help you forget whatever you have suffered in the past. The truck arrived. I thanked these kind, good people and went out, holding Picolino by the arm.

There were about ten passengers sitting on benches in the back of the truck. In their kindness these humble people left us the best seats, next to the driver. As we lurched wildly along the bumpy, pot-holed track, I thought about this strange Venezuelan nation.

Neither the fishermen of the Gulf of Paria, nor the ordinary soldiers of El Dorado, nor the humble working-man who talked to me in that thatched mud hut had had any education. They could hardly read and write. So how did they come to have that sense of Christian charity and nobility of heart that forgives men who have done wrong? How did they manage to find just the right encouraging words, helping the ex-convict with their advice and what little they possessed? Those were not qualities that could ever come from Europeans: so the Venezuelans must have got them from the Indians.

Here we are in El Callao.

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A big square: music. Of course: it is 5th July, the national holiday. People dressed in their best clothes, the motley crowd of tropical countries where all sorts of colours are mixed — black, yellow, white, and the copper of the Indians, whose race always comes out in the slightly slanting eyes and the lighter skin.

Picolino and I got out, as well as some passengers from the back of the truck. With my little bundle in one hand and Picolino holding the other with the three fingers he had left, I stood there wondering what to do. I had some English pounds from the West Indies and a few hundred bolivars one bolivar is worth about ten new pence given me by my mathematical pupils at the penal settlement. And a few raw diamonds found among the tomatoes in the kitchen-garden I had made.

The girl who had told us not to pay asked me where we were going and I told her my idea was to find a little boarding-house. We crossed the square with her and in a couple of hundred yards we reached an unpaved street lined with low houses; they were all made of baked clay, and their roofs were thatch or corrugated iron. At one of them we stopped.

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She made us go in first. And three girls of about fourteen, fifteen and sixteen. I ask you to take them in. Sit down here, round the table. Are you hungry? Would you like coffee or rum? The house was clean, but I could see from the simple furniture that they were poor. She takes the place of her mother, who left us five years ago with a gold-prospector. Maria poured coffee for us.

Now I could look at her more closely, seeing she had come to sit down next to her father, right opposite me. The three sisters stood behind her. They looked closely at me, too. Maria was a girl of the tropics, with big black almond-shaped eyes. Her jet-black curling hair, parted in the middle, came down to her shoulders. She had fine features, and although you could make out the drop of Indian blood from the colour of her skin, there was nothing Mongolian about her face.

She had a sensuous mouth: splendid teeth. Every now and then she showed the tip of a very pink tongue. This blouse, a little black skirt and flat-heeled shoes were what she had put on for the holiday — her best. Her lips were bright red, and two pencilled lines at the corners of her huge eyes made them seem even larger.

Yet the majority of the prisoners in New Caledonia were common law forcats p. By , there were 9, prisoners forcats and relegues in New Caledonia, not counting the remaining Communards and Kabyles p.


In an apparent effort to avoid writing anecdotal history possibly as a reaction to the sensationalism that characterized French Guiana resulting from the writings of Albert Londres and the enduring boost in the direction of sensationalism provided by the Papillon film , Toth apparently did not seize the chance when doing the research for this study to really check out the accuracy that he nevertheless doubts of the film, specifically the role of Papillon Henri Charriere himself, both as recounted in the book and portrayed in the film.

Surely the "daily reports, internal memoranda, and administrative correspondence" that Toth consulted at the Centre des Archives d'Outre Mer in Aix-en-Provence would have permitted him to learn, at least, the official side of Charriere's story. Nevertheless, Toth corroborates many of the harsh details of daily life in the bagne as they were represented in the film and the book. Professor Toth has left a number of questions unanswered. For instance, if, as he reports, the Dutch in Surinam "did not have a strict extradition policy" regarding escaped prisoners, why did the French authorities place their main prison administration center at St.

One would think that such close proximity to what appears to have been an obvious escape venue would be an invitation to escape. Or was the Maroni River filled with piranhas and the tropical forest on the Dutch side impenetrable? One can ask a similar question about the placing of the prison centers of Montagne d'Argent and St.

Georges d'Oyapock on the Oyapock River, opposite Brazil. Toth offers few explanations. Indeed, his knowledge of the geography of French Guiana is a bit vague. Also unclear in regard to escapes from French Guiana is the question of the direct correspondence, that Toth evokes, between the French prison authorities in Guiana and diplomatic officials in Brazil, Surinam, the Netherlands, and Venezuela about escaped prisoners. Toth suggests that the usual diplomatic protocols requiring that such correspondence be routed through the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the metropolitan capitals to the local officials via their respective ministries were ignored.

Did special diplomatic conventions hold sway in regard to correspondence about escapees from French overseas prisons? The knowledge one gains of the French carceral project in Guiana and New Caledonia from reading this book evokes in the mind of this reviewer the words of the poet, Robert Burns: "The best laid schemes o' mice and men Gang aft a-gley. One hopes, however, that Professor Toth will stick with the subject of French overseas incarceration, developing it into the sort of comprehensive study that used to go by the name, doctorat d'etat , in French universities, that is, the book in the field that leaves no stone unturned.

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